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And now for something completely different... A CD so unlike my others that I had to give it its own page. Warning: It's not jazz!  It's a brand new electronica project, funded in part by King County's 4Culture.  Get the background info and listen to a sample montage here, then -- if you're so moved -- go to iTunes, Beatport or othere sites to purchase downloads. Here are my jazz CDs:


Origin Records, 2011

2011 Northwest Jazz Recording of the Year  -- Earshot Jazz Golden Ear Awards

"Magical." full review -- Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

"An excellent set." full review -- Adam Greenberg, allmusic.com

"Anschell stretches and bends the familiar melodies to near-breaking point, in turns ruminative, playful, dark, and sparkling...  Figments:  Bill Anschell alone and letting go, taking a risk that pays off nicely."  full review

-- Dan McClenaghan, allaboutjazz.com

"I haven't enjoyed anything this much in years." full review -- Ric Bang, Jazz Scan




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More to the Ear than Meets the Eye
Origin Records, 2006

Chosen as one of the "10 Best Jazz Releases of 2006" by:
Ken Franckling (UPI, Downbeat) and Harvey Sidars (JazzTimes)

"A consistently rewarding piano-trio album" -- Thomas Conrad, JazzTimes

"Forthright lyrical beauty and spontaneous chance-taking that always hits the mark"
-- Dan McCllenaghan, allaboutjazz.com

“Great depth of feeling, interesting compositions, beautiful performance and wonderful musicality.” – John Nyerges, Jazz Radio 247



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When Cooler Heads Prevail
Summit Records, 2001

"Anschell presents one lovely melody after another and follows that up with adventurous improvisation. His keyboard work brings out crystal clear patterns that sparkle. The session offers variety and fresh material."  - Jim Santella, allaboutjazz.com

"Bill Anschell has hit another home run with his new release, When Cooler Heads Prevail, an astonishing follow-up to his very successful 1998 release, a different note all together."  - Larry Dane-Kellogg, Noteworthy (Coastal Jazz Association)


When Cooler Heads Prevaillisten

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a different note all together
Accurate Records, 1998

One of the "10 Best" jazz CDs of 1998  - United Press International (UPI)

" (four stars)  Bill Anschell's latest release is an excellent straight-ahead jazz record, with lots of personality and group interplay."  --Modern Drummer

a different note altogetherlisten

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Collaborative Recordings

Unlike most of the CDs listed in Bill's discography, where his role is principally as a sideman, these are band projects, cooperative in every sense of the word. Each member contributes compositions and arrangements, and production is handled jointly.

These CDs (except the project with Luiz Caldas) are available for $15, shipping included.  Send payment to Bill at 20151 7th Ave. NE, Shoreline, WA  98155.


Luiz Caldas/Bill Anschell

(accompanied by a Brazilian band including percussionist Carlinos Brown)

Be My Guest, 2015

This one's a freebie!  Downloads available at Luiz's website


Ziggurat Quartet

(Eric Barber, Bill Anschell, Doug Miller, Byron Vannoy)

Calculated Gestures, Origin Records, 2010

A passion for rhythmic experimentation drives the ensemble's complex original compositions, with many of the ten pieces being deeply influenced by the rhythms of East Indian music, as well as jazz and contemporary chamber music.

"This album makes a terrific first impression and its melodic and rhythmic sophistication reward repeated listens." -- Ron Bierman, Jazzreview.com

"The diversity of the Ziggurat Quartet's approach to jazz is a breath of fresh air."  -- Ken Dryden, allmusic.com

"Featuring four top-shelf Seattle improvisors working in an adventurous idiom, the disc is a powerful and forward-thinking statement on modern jazz... the lasting impression is of a cohesive unit presenting all original material without fear."  -- Earshot Jazz

Click here to read Earshot's feature on the band.

Music samples, track listing and additional information here.


Wellstone Conspiracy

(Brent Jensen, Bill Anschell, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop)

Motives, Origin Records, 2010

"These are virtuosic players/writers, but it's the cohesive group dynamic that makes the sound succeed." -- Dan McClenaghan, allaboutjazz.com

"... a disc full of stunning interplay and individual showmanship" -- John Barron, allaboutjazz.com

"... excellent listening -- at the same time ambient and melodic, experimental and traditional, and constantly enjoyable." -- Adam Greenberg, allmusic.com

"The 51-minute outing blends atmospheric with modernistic, as well as melodic and traditional with free-spirited jazz, and has sustained depth, sensitivity and nods to traditional jazz as well as contemporary styles."  -- Doug Simpson, Audiophile Audition

Music samples, track listing and additional information here.


Bill Anschell/Brent Jensen

We Couldn't Agree More, Origin Records, 2009

"Anschell and Jensen make music that is startlingly beautiful, surprising, and powerful. Listeners... should investigate this beautifully-recorded CD, a transforming experience." --Michael Steinman, Cadence

"They are in such command of their respective instruments that, instinctively, at a millisecond's notice, they can duplicate each other's phrases and harmonic detours; anticipate changes in tempo or dynamics; and know when and how to end a track... Theirs is a superb duo." --Harvey Siders, JazzTimes

"We Couldn't Agree More consistently throws sparks at the listener and comes with about as high a recommendation as I can give an album."  --Chris Robinson, Earshot Jazz

* Selected as a "Critic's Choice" CD for 2009 by Jazziz

* Selected as one of the "Best Northwest Jazz CDs of 2009" by syndicated radio host Jim Wilke

Music samples, additional reviews and duo booking information here.


Brent Jensen/Bill Anschell/Jeff Johnson/John Bishop

One More Mile, Origin Records, 2007

Anschell’s “One More Mile” has an endearing, poignant melody, and both the pianist and Jensen grasp its sadness and yearning in their absorbing solos...   --Scott Albin, March, 2008 JazzTimes (read complete review)

* Selected as one of the "Top 50 Jazz CDs " of 2007 by Village Voice

Music samples, track listing and additional information here.


Tom Marriott/Bill Anschell/Jeff Johnson/John Bishop

The Cool Season, Origin Records, 2007 (holiday CD)

Charted in JazzWeek's Top 20 for national radio airplay in both 2007 and 2008.

(four stars) This is a rewarding holiday release that will stand the test of time as other seasonal discs are packed away and forgotten. 

--Ken Dryden, Allmusicguide.com (read complete review)

Music samples, track listing and additional information here.


In addition his own CDs and those released as collaborative projects, Bill has appeared as a sideman on more than 30 jazz recordings.  Many feature his compositions and arrangements, several credit him as co-producer, and one was nominated for a Grammy.  Click here for a complete listing with links.












"Anschell's 'fooling around' amounts to a postmodern study of American music... Anschell hits a walk off grand-slam with Figments."  full review

-- C. Michael Baille, allaboutjazz.com



"'Figments' is abstract, free and accessible.  It offers the listener a personal view of Bill Anschell's musical mind... All around a very good album worthy of anyone's time and ears." 

full review  --The JazzLine



"Figments...has the qualities of nocturnal reminiscing -- relaxation, free association, bemusement." full review

-- Doug Ramsey, Rifftides





Click here
to listen to a short feature on More to the Ear than Meets the Eye from KUOW’s “The Beat” 

Click for complete reviews:



Jazz Radio 247

“He's an unsung hero of the understatement. A lavation, a magic, a mystery and totally original. He'll play the same song different ways, every time, even if it's his own. You want an original take on the new and old, then this is your message of the year.”

--Dick Crockett, The Voice, 88.7, Sacramento






"Cooler Heads is a superb document - forward-leaning both harmonically and rhythmically, with a clear reverence for the past."

-- James Rozzi, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


"Anschell's original compositions are inventive and delightful...(his) relaxed and fluid playing can become powerful and intense when called upon.” 

-- Ed Trefzger, Yellow Dog Jazz Review






"Anschell's own themes - 'E.B.'s New Dream,' 'Crabbin',' 'Stories We Hold,' 'My Baby Won't Takadimi,' 'Beignet Boogie,' and 'Lullaby for Sam,' reveal a strong bent for originality." 




"Bill Anschell's virtuosity demands that you perk up and listen."

--Jazz Review






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